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Call for Applications

Durham Christian Homes is looking for candidates to apply to the position of Board Director. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, apply here.

Covid-19 Policies: What Residents Can Expect in a Long-Term Care Home

All residents may*...

  • Enjoy the company of general visitors, consistent with the individual home's vaccination policy.

  • Have up to four visitors (including caregivers) at a time indoors, consistent with the individual home's vaccination policy.

  • Enjoy outdoor visits, with the number of visitors based on the home's policy.

  • Participate in group social activities, including games, clubs, and exercises.

  • Have meals in the dining room, including buffet and family-style meals.

  • Leave the home for all types of absences, including social day and overnight absences.

*Unless otherwise directed by the local public health unit or when isolating.

What temporary measures are in place to safeguard long-term care homes?

  • All staff, students, volunteers, caregivers, support workers, and general visitors must be screened and wear masks, whether inside or outside.

  • Continued infection prevention and control measures will be followed, including distancing between groups and dining tables, masking, hand washing, and enhanced cleaning.

What if the home is in outbreak?

Residents can expect the following if the area of the home they live in is in outbreak*:

  • Group activities, dining, and social gatherings may continue in non-outbreak areas if residents can follow public health measures.

  • For outbreak areas of the home, residents will be cohorted in small groups for all essential activities. Group activities for cohorts may continue/resume if operationally feasible.

  • Communal dining, non-essential activities, and personal care services will be suspended or modified.

  • Caregivers can still visit.

*Unless otherwise directed by the local public health unit.

COVID-19 Safety Measures for Absences

Whenever outside of the home, residents should do their best to:

  • Wear a mask (as tolerated).

  • Wash hands frequently.

  • Limit their contact with others. Avoid crowds and large social gatherings.

When residents return from a day or overnight absence* they will:

  • Be actively screened.

  • Undergo a PCR test on day five following the absence.

  • Not need to go into quarantine unless they show symptoms upon return to the home.​​

  • Note: Residents who have been COVID-19 positive in the past 90 days may not be required to undergo testing and quarantine requirements when returning from an absence unless they have symptoms of COVID-19.

*If returning from hospital, this assumes the hospital is not in outbreak, resident is not symptomatic, and has not been exposed to COVID-19. If the hospital is in outbreak, the PHU will advise on testing and quarantine requirements.

If a resident comes into contact with COVID-19:

  • Residents with up-to-date COVID-19 vaccines:

    • Screened on arrival and quarantined until a negative result is obtained from the day five test.​

  • Residents who do not have up-to-date vaccines:

    • Screened on arrival and quarantined for 10 days with a PCR test on day five.​

    • All residents are still permitted to see their caregivers.

Tekoa Manor and Providence Place

In step with the Province of Ontario’s plan to reopen, Durham Christian Homes is happy to announce that as of January 31, 2022, all of our programs have now restarted with public health protocols (masking, social distancing, hand hygiene, and capacity limits) in place. Proof of vaccination is required for all participants; persons who are unwell or are experiencing cold/flu/covid symptoms are not permitted to enter programs at this time, and are asked to self-isolate.

Glen Hill Terrace now open!

We are excited to announce the opening of Glen Hill Terrace, Durham Region’s newest, not for profit, 160 bed long-term care residence in Whitby.

Read all about it here.


Read all of our COVID-19 notices here.

View our gallery of thanks to our front-line workers here.

Our Promise

To enrich the lives of our residents through individualized care and activities, programs and faith-based services that encourage participation and promote a sense of well-being.

Zest for Life

Our residents enjoy being involved in a variety of on-going activities, special events, programs and fundraisers.
Social interaction and involvement helps to provide a continued zest for life.


Our goal at Durham Christian Homes is to ensure that residents feel at home by creating a genuine sense of community.

Our Commitment
We are committed to providing residents with individualized, resident-centered, quality care through empowerment, compassion, dignity, and respect.
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