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Strategic Plan

Glen Hill Terrace's strategic plan encompasses growth, quality, and excellence while ensuring that our residents remain our top priority. In developing our plan, we were also mindful of our staff and the voices of the residents and their families who we are privileged to serve.


Our 3 major strategic directions:


Direction 1: Provide an exceptional Life Experience

Ensure residents are heard and supported in mind, body and spirit.


Direction 2: Nurture our Network

Strengthen relationships to enhance collaboration.

Direction 3: Promote Growth and Sustainability

Ensure effective and efficient use of resources in our existing and new communities.


To read our full Strategic plan, click this link.

To access our previous Strategic plan, click this link.

Quality Improvement Plan

At Glen Hill Terrace, quality improvement is a matter of paramount importance. We strive to provide safe and effective care, which is resident-centered and delivered in a timely and efficient fashion. 

To read our full Quality Improvement plan, click this link.

To access our previous Quality Improvement plan, click this link.

Visitor Policy

Residents have a right to receive visitors.  Glen Hill Terrace will provide an organized, safe, and secure process to allow for visitation within the home that meets the principles of safety, emotional well-being, equitable access, flexibility, and resident rights.  At all times, our home will follow any applicable legislation, directive, or guidance as set forth by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Long-Term Care, and/or Public Health as applicable.

To read more about our Visitor Policy, click this link

Complaints Policy

Any complaint (verbal or written) from residents, families, visitors, and staff shall be investigated and actions shall be taken for resolution.

Homes shall follow the requirements in the regulation governing long-term care homes; Reporting and Complaints. 2010, and the Excellent Care for All Act c.26, s. 1.

To read more about our Complaints Policy, click this link.

Strategic & QI Plan
Visitor & Complaints Policy
Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Plan

The purpose of this plan is to provide guidance in order to protect residents and others in a long-term care home in the event of an emergency and plan for the delivery of health care during a disease of public health significance including outbreak, epidemic, pandemic, endemic or other events wherein there is an interruption or loss of essential services such as; but not limited to: water (boil water
advisory), heat (extreme weather alert), electricity, natural gas, elevator, or nuclear.

To read the full Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Plan, click this link.

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